Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Super Simple Slouchy

About this hat:
I wanted a plain white simple slouchy hat, and this was my attempt to knit one. I totally made things up as I went. The pattern I made up could use a little touching up, but it's good enough for now.

Materials I used:
- US size 10 circular 16'' needles
- Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (color: white)

Super Simple Slouchy pattern:
Cast on 64 stitches using US size 10 circular needles and join in round.

Row 1-6: *K2, P2*
Row 7: *K3, KFB*
Row 8: *K*
Row 9: *K9, KFB*
Row 10-25: *K*

Now it's time to start decreasing:
Row 26: *K9, K2tog*
Row 27: *K*
Row 28: *K6, K2tog*
Row 29: *K*
Row 30: *K5, K2tog*
Row 31: *K*
Row 32: *K4, K2tog*
Row 33: *K3, K2tog*
Row 34: *K2, K2tog*
Row 35: *K, K2tog*
Row 36: *K2tog*

Draw yarn through remaining stitches, remove the circular needles and pull tight.
( You may feel more comfortable using DPNs toward the last few rows because it gets tight)

Knot it up and weave loose yarn into stitches. All done!

Abbreviations for this pattern:
K = knit
P = purl
KFB = knit front and back (find videos on knittinghelp.com halfway down this page)


  1. do u knit tightly? when I tried this hat it turned out much larger than yours did. Is the decrease supposed to look like a spiral? I used Vanna's Choice yarn, is that why it didnt turn out right? please help!!

  2. okay, looked at the KFB link....still totally confused. ??!! this hat is so cute and ive been looking for a simple one to knit for myself (since im like...poor.) and im pretty sure i could do this one...except for the KFB THINGY!!!

  3. I'm going to start this tomorrow, do you think I can finish it in a day? I know you finished the blue one in a day!

  4. What size is your yarn for this project??