Sunday, February 27, 2011

Storing Knitting Needles

Question of the Day:
How do you store your knitting needles?
Please do share the clever ways you all organize your knitting needles!

I don't really have that many different types of knitting needles so I have a simple pouch to hold my straight needles and I keep my circular needles in their original packaging and throw them all in a plastic bag.  I keep my circular needles in the original packaging because none of my circular needles have the needle size on the needles themselves; I tried writing the needle size on the needle with permanent market, but it eventually faded. Any suggestions for solutions to my problem? : \

Pouch thingy for my straight needles:
(ignore the outdated grandma pattern of the fabric, haha)

It rolls up into a pretty compact size:

My circular needles are kept in an old zip lock bag >_<
Sorry for the lack of posts; it's really hard to find time to knit these days :(