Sunday, February 27, 2011

Storing Knitting Needles

Question of the Day:
How do you store your knitting needles?
Please do share the clever ways you all organize your knitting needles!

I don't really have that many different types of knitting needles so I have a simple pouch to hold my straight needles and I keep my circular needles in their original packaging and throw them all in a plastic bag.  I keep my circular needles in the original packaging because none of my circular needles have the needle size on the needles themselves; I tried writing the needle size on the needle with permanent market, but it eventually faded. Any suggestions for solutions to my problem? : \

Pouch thingy for my straight needles:
(ignore the outdated grandma pattern of the fabric, haha)

It rolls up into a pretty compact size:

My circular needles are kept in an old zip lock bag >_<
Sorry for the lack of posts; it's really hard to find time to knit these days :(


  1. I use the clover bamboon circular knitting needles and they show you the needle size. I'm not sure about the other brands because I only use clover.... but yes the size should be on the bottom of both needles right near the clear cable.

  2. Hi,

    I was just searching for slouch hat patterns and came across your blog and may have a solution for your circular knitting needles. I am not sure if you can sew or know someone that can but, in one of the Stitch N Bitch books there is a hanging case that holds your circular needles. You can write on the pouch for each needle what size is in each. I have no sewing experience and was able to make one for myself with some time. Mine lines are no where near perfect but its just to hold them so I dont mind. Anyway i am sure you can customize it to fit the number of needles you have.

    Here is a site of another persons blog who made it.

    This hanging holder also keeps the wire straighter (as opposed to it being wrapped in a few circles) so its easy to use for when you are working in the round. I hope this helps and I hope you are finding time to knit again.

  3. thank you both for your suggestions! :)

  4. you could surely make one of these cases (: do you have a sewing machine?

  5. Mei: my mom has one, but I haven't used it many times before. I think it's a great idea to sew one! Although my first one would be quite an interesting one hehe

  6. Or, you can buy one on Etsy that fits both straight and circulars for around $20.

  7. So cute blog :) I liked it. I would be very happy if you will follow mine.

  8. I use my Timeless Beauty Bag from Thirty One Gifts. It's great because it has holders for your needles and zipper pouches for you patterns and circular needles!