Monday, January 4, 2010

Slightly Slouchy Cabled Hat

I'm still indecisive as to whether I like straight or curly hair when wearing slouchy hats...

** ATTENTION: there is an issue after row 7 on this pattern **
I still have to figure out what I did differently. I will post an update when I figure it out. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience >.<

About the Slight Slouchy Cabled Hat:

I tried to make this a slouchy hat, but it didn't quite turn out as slouchy as I anticipated. Nevertheless, I would still wear it! The combination of the yarn I used and the fact that I am a tight knitter resulted in a slightly stiffer feel to the hat. I wish I had used a softer yarn. Perhaps a size 11 needle would have been more appropriate for rows 12 until the decrease. I am still learning!

Materials I used:
- BERNAT softee Chunky yarn (color: grey heather); less than 180 yards
- US size 10 circular needles 16''

The Slightly Slouchy Cabled Hat pattern:
Using US 10 circular needles, cast on 60 stitches

row 1-6: *K2,P2*
row 7: *KFB, P2*
row 8-10: *K4, P2*
row 11: *C4B, P2*

row 12-15: *K4, P2*
row 16: *C4B, P2*

Repeat rows 12-16 an additional 4 times

Then start decreasing:
row 1: *K1, K2tog, K1, P2*
row 2: *K2tog, K1, P2*
row 3: *K2, P2tog*
row 4: *K2, P1*
row 5: *C2B, P1*
row 6-7: *K2, P1*
row 8: *K2tog*

Draw yarn through remaining stitches, remove the circular needles and pull tight.
( You may feel more comfortable using DPNs toward the last few rows because it gets tight)

Knot it up and weave in any loose ends. All done!

Abbreviations used in this pattern:
C4B= slip next 2 sts onto cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next 2 sts from left-hand needle, then knit sts from cable needle
C2B= slip next stitch onto cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next stitch from left-hand needle, then knit stitch from cable needle.


  1. Very cute! You made it yourself?! It looks great!! :)

    Thanks for following my blog! xx

  2. Awww you're really good at knittinggg:O
    I tried going to mm this classs lesson they held at the library...
    but i couldnt do it.. =/ I'm browsing through your blog and i'm loving it!<3

    Cindy xox

  3. You did a great job--it's adorable! I have a suggestion for making one with a softer drape if you like. I made a lovely slouchy hat using Hatfield Bonus Galaxy, Extra Value Chunky yarn. It's so soft and silky and therefore drapes beautifully--perfect for a slouchy. The guage is 14 st. and 19 Rows to 4" X 4" on size 10.5 (U.S.) needles. I also doubled it to do a really chunky, warm slouchy (free pattern found at Keep up the good work and happy knitting!

  4. Thanks for posting this pattern! I also made one for my sister-in-law

  5. hi. having trouble after row 7. how many stitches are there supposed to be?

  6. @winnievg - you have 60 stitches before starting row 7 and after doing row 7, i believe you should have 80 stitches total.
    Since for every 3 stitches, you are adding another stitch. 60/3=20 extra stitches. 60+20= 80 total stitches after completing row 7.

    here is a helpful site to learn how to do the KFB

  7. hi. I'm having trouble after row 7 too. When i knit row 8 I have an extra 2 stitches leftover. I can't finish the pattern! Please help! :/

  8. I finished the pattern and it looks great! Thanks so much!I"m going to try one of your other slouchys now! :) For this hat, I used Vana's choice yarn (recomended size 9 but i used size 10). I knit a little tightly, and it gave the hat a more beanie like look!

    P.S. I think u look better with straight hair with slouchys!

  9. Ah, I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you to help you sooner! I'm glad everything worked out! :)

    I had a lot of trouble with KFB when I first learned it! But it's a great stitch now that I've got it down pat :) it's my favorite way to make an increase!

  10. this is a brilliant pattern! I love it. I've been searching for a pattern that's similar to a hat that I saw on the TV show, Pushing Daisies, and this is spot on. Wonderful! Thank you so much for posting, I can't wait to get started. :D

  11. If you want it to be more beanie-like, make sure you use less rows! maybe 4 to 8 less rows.

    If you want it to be more slouchy, use a half-size to one size larger needle starting from row 7

    Hope everyone enjoys this pattern!

  12. At the end of row 8 i have 2 extra stitches left. what do i do with them?

  13. you should not have any extra stitches at the end of row 8. make sure you did the KFB correctly. the first time I learned KFB I was doing it wrong and I couldn't figure out what the problem was until I watched a video showing me:

    let me know how it goes ~ good luck

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  15. I'm having the same problem after row 8. I do have 80 stitches after row 7 but row 8 to 10 is a 6 stitch pattern so that makes 80/6 = 13 full patterns with 2 remaining stitches.

  16. I agree...I have 80 stitches, but that leaves two left over. Do you know how to fix that?

  17. Hm, you all are right and I'm so so sorry for the mistake in the pattern.
    I worked on this so long ago that I am not sure exactly where I went wrong when typing up this pattern. I will have to look for the actual hard copy of the pattern that I wrote up and try to fix it.
    im very very sorry for those of you stuck after row 7. i will try to fix this problem asap >_<

  18. hey! I just stumbled across this and tried to make it... I had the same problem with an odd number of stitches and ended up just adding a couple extra at the end of row 7. however, it turned out pretty tight, so I was wondering if maybe you intended for row 7 to be *K2FB, P2* instead of *KFB, P2*? It would make a huge difference in the amount of stitches, and I didn't try it, so it could either make for a nice slouchy hat or a huge floppy ridiculous hat. Perpaps worth experimenting with, though? Love the hat nonetheless - it was my first cabled project and turned out great :D

  19. hi I am very knew at knitting on circular needles, after the casting row, I am trying to join the first and last stiches, but it doesnt seem to work, its as if 60 stiches to short to be able to join together WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO!
    please help me , is it normal?

  20. @ coeur de pouliche - what size circular needles did you use? maybe the circumference of the needles is too long for the # of stitches you cast on. Also, did you try spreading out each stitch as much as possible? good luck!

  21. it will work if you change the number of stitches you cast on with. I cast on 72 stitches, so that when I do the KFB Im adding 24 stitches. 72+24=96 so 96/3=33. I know it makes the brim of the hat much larger, but it works that way. i figured that the formula for the number of stitches you would need would be (x+1/3x)/6=0. x is the number of stitches you cast on with, 1/3x is the number of stitches you add at row 7, and 0 would be the number of remaining stitches at the end of each row.

  22. I casted on 72 stitches and then did *KFB, KFB, P2* on row 7 and it's been working out so far :) Love your work! Thanks for the post!

  23. does 60 sts fit all heads? as it looks small

  24. Just a little curious, though I doubt you will see this comment....Have you fixed the issue? D: I REAAAALLLY wanna make this hat XD If not, I suppose I could just decipher all these comments and work the pattern out :P I know it's 2 years after the fact and I don't think you get notifications when you get comments...but hey. Just thought I'd give it a shot XD

  25. I just recently made this pattern and the hat ended up being really small.
    I used 4.5mm sized circular needles.
    Do I need to use bigger needles or add more stitches?


  26. i counted it out with toothpicks, and if you want to stick with the 60 stitch cast on, in order for the multiple of 6 cable pattern to work, just eliminate two of the increase stitches.i think that should work. however I think I'm gonna rip it up and try the 72 stitch cast on because the brim is really small. a couple months ago, I made a hat with a 60ish stitch cast on for my for my daughter to wear home from the hospital when she is born. that cast on amount is generally for teeny babies. the increase in this pattern does make a difference but I still can't quite get it on my head.