Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays | Knit Miniature Santa Hat

Happy Holidays to all!
I've been extremely MIA on this blog and thought it's about time I pop back in to say hello.

Despite much brainstorming I haven't had much time to create/complete any serious knitting projects this season. I started a variety of patterns, but ended up not liking the result and unraveled them before completion. :( I'm sorry for the lack of content on this blog; I hope to rediscover my inspiration soon and post some new patterns in the upcoming months.

I recently knit a miniature Santa hat for my cactus and thought I'd share the festive photo with you all. I also knit a second miniature hat with a white fold up brim for my friend's pet.

I didn't jot down the pattern for the first mini hat I made for my cactus since it was a quick impulse knit and I was just winging it. Here is the pattern for the second mini santa hat I made.

Materials I Used:

 Miniature Santa Hat Knitting Pattern:
[ If new to knitting, watch a video about how to follow knitting patterns here ]
Using US size 8 straight needles, cast on 24 stitches with white yarn.

Row 1-4: *K2, P2*
Row 5:    *K1*
Switch to red yarn (click here for a video tutorial on adding a new ball of yarn)
Row 6:    *P1*
Row 7:    *K1*
Row 8: P2, P2tog, P2tog, P12, P2tog, P2tog, P2
Row 9:    *K1* (you should have 20 stitches after completing this row)
Row 10: P4, P2tog, P3, P2tog, P3, P2tog, P4 (you should have 17 stitches after completing this row)
Row 11: *K1*
Row 12: *P1*
Row 13: *K1*
Row 14: P2, P2tog, P4, P2tog, P3, P2tog, P2 (you should have 14 stitches after completing this row)
Row 15: *K1*
Row 16: *P1*
Row 17: *K1*
Row 18: P2, P2tog, P6, P2tog, P2 (you should have 11 stitches after completing this row)
Row 19-25: *K1*

At this point your work should be a trapezoid shape similar to the photo below:


Snip the red yarn leaving a 5" tail and thread it on a yarn needle/tapestry needle.Draw the yarn through all the remaining stitches and then remove the knitting needle.
Pull tightly to cinch the top of the hat, knot it up.
Join the two edges of the work together to create the cylindrical shape of the hat.
Weave in any loose ends.
Create a mini pom-pom (my how-to tutorial video here) and attach to the top of the hat.
Viola! You're done!

Abbreviations Used:
K1 = knit 1 stitch
P1 = purl 1 stitch
P2tog = purl 2 stitches together

Please tweet me or tag me on instagram (@L_LIN) if you try this pattern!
Wishing everyone a warm holiday season and a very happy new year!