Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chunky Seed Stitch Scarf

Question of the day:

What's a simple pattern you turn to when you are knitting with chunky yarn?

 I tried starting a new project multiple times within the last 2 weeks and I ended up knitting a few rows and not liking how the pattern was turning out with the type of yarn/needles I was using.

After unraveling nearly 6 different incomplete projects, I think I'm going to stick with this simple pattern: the seed stitch!

I'm using chunky yarn and all the seed stitch is... is *K1, P1* (cast on an odd number of stitches).

Details and more pictures will be posted once I complete the scarf.  I'll also have to think of a more clever name for this scarf.  Generally I name it after the person I gift it to -- but I don't decide if I really want to gift it to a particular person until the project is complete. Gotta see the complete piece to judge if the receiver will wear it or not!

Quick pics of the scarf in-the-making:

Simple & plain, but will easily be versatile with different outfits :)

Stay tuned for updates!